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God taught me how to blow the shofar

Nathaniel Lam


It all started when my mother got me my first ram shofar from her trip to Israel. At first, I had no knowledge about the shofar’s history and thought it was just merely a Jewish traditional horn.

Initially, I was not able to blow the shofar, but, the Holy Ghost is the teacher.  With the Holy Ghost, in about 5 months I was able to blow the shofar. Of course, meanwhile, I met Pastor Derrick, and I learned different techniques for blowing the 4 callings of the shofar.

Along the way I became even more inspired. When I got my first Yemenite shofar, I kept on practicing and praying to God that if it was His will, that I would be able to blow the four callings.

As I devote to pray, God continuously inspire me to strive harder.  Through the Spirit, God taught me the different sounds of the shofar step by step.  Eventually God taught me how to sound the four callings of the shofar.   

With a joyful and grateful heart, I pray that He would let me use these skills to worship Him and inspire more of His people.

A few weeks ago, Pastor Mok asked me to give him 20 reasons why I love this church. At first, I thought 20 reasons were too much, but that was the earthly thinking way.

I started with reason 1 and with Gods’ help; I was able to list all 20 reasons. On that day God taught me that with his help, I would be able achieve anything that seems impossible to the human eye.  When I was able to give Pastor 20 reasons, I started to notice that the reasons were ways how God helped me grow closer Him.  For example, I get to learn David Pawson’s teaching in Sunday school, I can feel free to ask pastor any questions, and Pastor Mok always guides me to walk on the right track.

Since I was baptize at age 8 and baptized by the Spirit last year, God has let me serve Him and I will always be a humble servant and a soldier to Him.








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